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The Palace of the Spirit

A very interesting article discussing the requirements for building a residence to become a hermit. Yet, it lists so many rules to build a suitable residence that one just can't overlook a Confucian kind of influence: the residence needs to have a specific size and rooms for drinking tea and meditating — as well as other kinds of rooms — need to be built following strict specifications.  At the end, one might have to spend more time trying to build a house to become a hermit than actually being one.

Old Zhuang knew what he was talking about when he wrote 齐物论。

This is where Zhuangzi's thinking truly shines: you don't need a residence to become a hermit, for your residence is anywhere under the sky; if you want to become a hermit you don't need to leave your home, for since there is no separation, the city is as good as the mountains (or any other place).  More still, you already have the residence, for the palace of your spirit (灵符) is already built within yourself and this is why Zhuangzi says that one should not allow the worries of the outside world into the palace of the spirit. : 不可入于灵符。Old Zhuang knew what he was talking about when he wrote 齐物论。

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